Chiliwear Performance Camp Golf Shirts

Chiliwear Performance Camp golf shirtQ: What do Jim Furyk and I have in common?
A: We both have strange golf swings and we both wear Chiliwear Performance Camp golf shirts.

About Chiliwear

Chiliwear is the producer of the “Chiliwear” brand of apparel and accessories. They’re based out of New Orleans, LA. Chiliwear’s catalog is huge and includes many cool and crazy shirts, hats, head covers, pants and Tabasco branded items. Their stuff is hot.

Chiliwear Performance Camp Golf Shirts

Before I was acquainted with Chiliwear I recall looking at Jim Furyk and noticing that he had different looking shirts than 99% of the other PGA Tour players. His shirts were button-ups and they had some cool designs. I wasn’t really hip on the button-up concept for golf but didn’t think much of it. The camp shirts look like Hawaiian shirts with more classy designs rather than those crazy flower patterns.

When I received my Performance Camp golf shirt the first thing I noticed was how nice and soft the fabric was, before I even put it on. When I did put it on it was obvious that this was the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever worn, golf shirt or other.

The buttons are nice and big, not like a dress shirt. Nothing is more odd looking than someone wearing a button-up dress shirt on the course, especially long sleeves. Mix in polyester and you’re talking a major golf bonehead… That’s a rant for another day though.

my chiliwear performance camp golf shirtFabric

The Chiliwear Performance Camp golf shirt is made of a super soft moisture wicking knit. I can’t really stress enough how soft and comfortable it really feels. You’ll just have to try one.

Two styles in one shirt

One cool thing about these shirts is they’re designed for a more dressy and tucked in look on the course, but you can wear the shirt un-tucked when you get to the 19th hole.


I love my Chiliwear Performance Camp Golf shirt. It is SO comfortable. I’m wearing it as I write this post! I really need to find a way to get my friends at Chiliwear to send me about 10 of them in exchange for some banner ads or something. I’d love to have a bunch of these shirts in my wardrobe. If they only came in black…

You can find the Chiliwear Performance Camp Golf Shirts online at Edwin Watts Golf.

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