Golf Writers Wanted!

Do you like to write about golf, and know how to use a spell checker? Then TGS wants YOU! The Golf Space aims to build a staff of writers to contribute on a regular basis. Our goal is to have a steady stream of useful articles coming in to keep our content fresh and attract new members, continuing to build golf's best networking site. Subject matter can be anything even remotely related to golf, instruction, travel, reviews, health & wellness. TGS may provide writers with equipment to review, books to write about etc. In most cases the provided materials will be the writers' to keep following the article.

Unfortunately there isn't a budget to compensate writers at this time with money, but we're happy to help with exposing your own web site, perks involving equipment, golf and other possibilities. Later on down the road as TGS brings in advertising revenue, we'll share the wealth with those who helped build it up.

If you feel you can contribute please look at the following checklist below. If these parameters are good for you, contact TGS Admin Tony Korologos.

Article Requirements

  1. Article must be an original composition for TGS and may not ever appear another web site. Content must be unique to The Golf Space.
  2. Writers must use good spelling and grammar! We can't be looking like boneheads!  Know how to use the right "your/you're"???  If not, don't apply.
  3. Though not a requirement, we'd like to have contributors write one article per week or at least bi-monthly.
  4. The article cannot be "spammy" and just an avenue to sell products or drive traffic to another web site. Multiple outgoing links must be relevant and not solicitous in nature.
  5. At the end of the article, we ask that writers place a short bio and link to the writer's TGS profile and web site.