The Golf Space SHOP Concept

The Golf Space SHOP is under construction now open!


After running Hooked On Golf Blog for four years and TGS for close to three, I've connected with dozens (if not hundreds) of golf entrepreneurs who don't have a place to sell their products. This is where the TGS SHOP concept comes in.

The Golf Space SHOP is intended to be a platform for companies to sell their golf products online. Many smaller companies simply can't get their products placed in the big box retail stores or larger online merchants. The Golf Space SHOP will provide a place where those products, or any golf products for that matter, may be sold online. The TGS SHOP will provide the web store front, images, payment processing and administration of the SHOP, while the manufacturers cover warehousing the product and shipping it to the customer.

How it will work, the short version (long version coming soon)

1. The golf product is sold in the TGS store. TGS handles the payment processing and notifies the vendor.

2. Vendor ships product directly to buyer.

3. TGS pays vendor's wholesale rate or an agreed upon percentage on the 1st of each month for the previous month's sales.

The advantages of this model

TGS doesn't have the budget or space to warehouse hundreds of golf products, nor the resources to package and ship them. TGS DOES have web resources and a built in traffic to drive readers/golfers to the SHOP.

The vendor benefits by selling product yet not having to maintain and pay the costs of running an online store.

This concept is a win/win for all parties.

Product submissions

When you are ready to submit a product, please refer to the product submission checklist:

Contact Tony here:

The Golf Space SHOP is now up and running! Check it out here:

Feel free to give me any suggestions, bug reports, or anything which can improve the SHOP.


Tony Korologos
TGS Admin